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SOSTE Finnish Federation for Social Affairs and Health:

Wellbeing Economy

Wellbeing Economy may be perceived both as a vision of the future economic and social model and as a certain, already existing sector of our society. When the goal of some societal action is to increase wellbeing and to improve the prospects of a good life it takes place in the sphere of Wellbeing Economy.

In Finnish: Hyvinvointitalous

Wellbeing Economy in Finnland


Finnish social and health sector NGOs promoting Wellbeing Economy during Finland’s EU presidency

Hyvinvointitalous Finnish social and health sector NGOs see the following policy domains fundamental in building the future of Europe: Wellbeing in all policies Equality and basic rights Participation in society and dynamic civil society Finland will hold the six-month rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union starting 1st of July 2019. During the presidency […]


The recent policy proposals and research of international organizations from the perspective of wellbeing economy

Hyvinvointitalous SOSTE produced a report for the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health as a part of the preparation for the Finland’s EU presidency in 2019. Wellbeing policies and economic policies are closely intertwined and mutually reinforcing. Economic growth improves people’s wellbeing, while wellbeing and health of the population enhance economic growth and stability. From […]

Europe is faced with big choices. What kind of future will we embark on building and what are our policy choices for the forthcoming decades? EU should start measures where wellbeing economy is a cornerstone of future of Europe.

SOSTE, Chief Economist Jussi Ahokas