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SOSTE Finnish Federation for Social Affairs and Health is a Finnish umbrella organization of 200 social affairs and health NGO members and dozens of partner members.

SOSTE works for the health and wellbeing of all people. With our members and partners, SOSTE is building the foundation for social wealth, health, opportunities of participation and a fair, responsible society. A socially bound, healthy and genuinely participatory society creates success. This idea forms the basis of our ideology: the wellbeing economy.

Investments in wellbeing and health are long-term joint decisions, and NGO’s must have a strong role in implementing them. Our goal is to increase the impact of social and healthcare organizations in society and achieve a situation where the implementation of the preconditions for a good life are realized for all. We operate on regional, national and international level.

SOSTE was founded 2012 by the Association of Voluntary Health, Social and Welfare Organisations (YTY), Finnish Federation for Social Welfare and Health (STKL) and Finnish Centre for Health Promotion (Tekry).  SOSTE’s Secretary General is Vertti Kiukas (M.A.) and the Chairman is Eija Koivuranta, Managing Director in the Family Federation of Finland.

Latest In English


3.7.2020 09:35

Corona solidified the role of the third sector as a partner in official activities

Sosiaalibaro The new Social Barometer 2020 shows that, for example, the active approach of parishes, NGOs and citizens played an important role in the corona-related efforts this past spring. According to the Social Barometer, cooperation between authorities and other actors was excellent. The responses emphasised in particular the third sector’s speed, agility and genuine willingness to […]


8.6.2020 09:51

Corona epidemic has exacerbated income difficulties

Sosiaali- ja terveyspalvelut According to the Social Barometer 2020 publication social workers have assessed that economic hardships, such as the need for food aid and debt problems have increased during the corona epidemic. 73 per cent of social workers estimated that the need for food aid has increased, and more than 40 per cent said that rent arrears […]


25.6.2020 09:54

Corona caused decline in services for difficult-to-employ jobseekers

Sosiaalibaro According to the Social Barometer 2020 results, it was most difficult for the long-term unemployed, persons with partial work ability and elderly unemployed jobseekers to access the TE Office service they needed during the corona epidemic. The survey found that 47 per cent of TE Office management believed that the services needs of the long-term […]


17.6.2020 14:38

Walking meetings and outdoor activities with families – Corona revolutionised the services provided to social work clients

Sosiaali- ja terveyspalvelut The corona epidemic is reflected in social work clients as loneliness and difficulties in financial management and life management. According to the new Social Barometer, social workers are most concerned about families with children, young people and people with many problems in their lives who need support. Lack of face-to-face meetings resulted in contact being […]


Flexible Basic Social Security – The principles of social and healthcare organisations in the reform of basic social security

Sosiaaliturvauudistus Selkokielellä Suomeksi På svenska Read the whole book in finnish: Flexible Basic Social Security – The principles of social and healthcare organisations in the reform of basic social security. Summary The purpose of basic social security is to give all people the right to live a good and dignified life. Securing the necessities of life is […]


28.2.2019 10:44

Future of Europe publication stimulates debate on social and health issues at EU level

Hyvinvointitalous The European Union is faced with an exceptional year: in addition to the European Parliament elections and the start of a new Commission, Great Britain, one of the biggest member states, might leave the Union in near future. For Finland, this year is particularly interesting, as from July till the end of the year, Finland […]

NGOs and Climate Change

SOSTEs statement for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs on Human Rights and Climate Chance delivered on 30th October 2020. Read the stament. Read more about The role of social and health NGOs in enhancing climate responsibility in Finland.

Wellbeing economy

The wellbeing economy may be perceived both as a vision of the future economic and social model and as a certain, already existing sector of our society. The term coined by SOSTE and Finnish social and health NGOs. Read more about wellbeing economy.

SOSTEs theses for European Parliament election 2019

 1. EU policy strengthens inclusion, sustainable social development and engages everyone.

2. Free and strong civil society is a prerequisite for a democratic Europe.

Read more.

Future of Europe

Future of Europe is an article collection to stimulate debate and advocacy activities relating to social and health issues at EU level. It is published in February 2019 by SOSTE Finnish Federation for Social Affairs and Health. Read Future of Europe – Reforming the policies of the European Union.