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Nordic Summit for Civil Society: Be a part of the high-level conversation

the 3rd of November, 12:30-20:00

The Nordic Summit for Civil Society culminates on the 3rd of November, when key actors gather for a high-level conversation to discuss, how we create a stronger Nordic civil society and increase cross-Nordic cooperation. Everyone can follow the event online, but it is also possible to attend in person.

An entire day of debates, case presentations and interviews will bring knowledge about how the civil society and the cross-Nordic cooperation can strengthen the social sustainability in the Nordic countries. On the stage we will hear from civil society organizations, relevant partners and political decisionmakers. There will be a particular focus on the parts of civil society that work with socially vulnerable adults and adolescents on the brink of adulthood. However, all parts of civil society and others with interest can gain something from the high-level conversation.

The program is still underway, and we expect the final program to be ready mid-October.

The program is split into three sessions each with a different focus.

1st session (12.30-15.00): Cross-Nordic debate between civil-society actors
2nd session (15.30-17.30): Cross-Nordic debate between the civil-society and their partners
3rd session (17.45-20.00): Cross-Nordic debate with political decisionmakers (including ministers, parliamentarians etc.)

Registration: You can sign up here (you can change the language of the form from Danish to English).

You must inform whether you want to attend online or in person. There will be unlimited capacity online, but the space is limited for attendance in person. If the interest exceeds the capacity, we will prioritize geographic diversity and create a waiting list. You can expect clarification regarding this within a week after we have received your registration.

Where: Online by streaming and in the yard at Ny Kongensgade 10 in Copenhagen, 5 minutes’ walk from distance from Christiansborg.

When: The 3’rd of November 12.30-20.00. There will be served light meals and drinks during the day.

Language: Each session will alternate between Scandinavian (Danish, Norwegian and Swedish) and English. In the final program it will appear if the specific session is in English or Scandinavian.

Fact box about the Nordic summit for Civil Society 2021

The high-level conversation the 3rd of November is one among several elements of the Nordic Summit for Civil Society 2021. The overall goal of the Summit is to strengthen sharing of knowledge between the Nordic civil societies and increase the contribution of civil society to the social sustainability. The summit has a special focus on socially vulnerable adults and adolescents on the brink to adulthood.

Read more about the Summit’s different elements below:

The summit started out with a knowledge base that based on interviews with eight leading researchers mapped out the Civil Societies different roles, terms etc. across the Nordic countries. You can read the knowledge base here.

After that the civil society’s own perspectives were brought into play, through eight digital roundtable conversations all over the Nordic region. More than one hundred civil society actors were gathered to discuss strengths and challenges, as well as ambitions for the Nordic cooperation. You can find the recordings of the roundtable conversations here (bottom of the page). In relation to the roundtable conversations, an interactive relay discussion was initiated, where relevant questions were asked and answered. You can access the relay discussion here.

On the 3rd of November the high-level conversation of the Summit will be held. Here we gather key actors to discuss how we create a better cross-Nordic cooperation and increase the contribution of civil society to the social sustainability. The high-level conversation is being held in connection to the Nordic Council’s 73’rd session and will be framed by a discussion paper, that will be released in mid-October.

The process will end with a roadmap, that will include recommendations for how the Civil Society can be strengthened with-in and across the Nordic countries regarding the target group that work with socially vulnerable adults and adolescents on the brink to adulthood.

The summit is organized by the Think Tank Mandag Morgen, and the Danish Institute for Voluntary Effort, based on a grant from Nordic Council of Ministers. The project’s partners include among other Frivillighet Norge, SOSTE (FIN), Forum (SWE), Almannaheill (IS), Social og – Ældreministeriet (DK) and Frivilligrådet (DK).

On the summit’s website you can follow along, find documents, and contribute to the dialogue: (the website is in Danish)

Registration: (in English)

The participants in the Nordic Summit for Civil Society come from Sweden, The Åland Islands, Norway, Iceland, the Faroe Island, Finland, Greenland and Denmark.