SOSTEs theses for European Parliament election 2019

1. EU policy strengthens inclusion, sustainable social development and engages everyone

The European Union’s policy must be formulated to build a future that reflects the principles of wellbeing economy. The change will take place both in policy content and by enhancing the policy processes.

SOSTE recommends:

  • The European Union’s future strategy should be based on the principles of wellbeing economy.
  • Union policy must aim to reduce inequality, increase inclusion and sustainable societal development, which engages all people. The principles of wellbeing economy must be visible in all policies.
  • The Union promotes the development of social security and invests in health promotion.
  • Climate change, equality and equity must be considered in all policies.
  • The impact of the Union’s policies must be strengthened. This is done by developing the European Semester, using the budget to promote sustainable development and by more ambitious policymaking in the Union.

2. Free and strong civil society is a prerequisite for a democratic Europe

A strong civil society is a prerequisite for both functioning democracy and sustainable development. As the European Union is a key social actor, strengthening civil society and NGO activities must be its strategic priority.

SOSTE recommends:

  • The fundamental rights and the rule of law of the EU must be enforced in every Member State
  • EU strategy must strengthen civil society and NGO activities
  • Local democratic structures and processes must be supported
  • Actions must be taken to prevent the shrinking space for civil society in Europe